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Before & After Photos

After Photo 9

My clients wanted to make the most of this small space which was left after the rest of the garden was taken up by their new conservatory. The idea in this case, was to create interest with different levels using fixed planters and striking, specimen plants. Also using the whole space, including the middle, the garden is made to feel bigger than it actually is.

The middle section of planters includes one that has been made into a small pond with a bell shaped fountain - I always think the noise of water adds to the relaxing atmosphere in a garden. The pond, together with the logs under the seats and the plants in general, make the garden a little oasis for wildlife as well as one for humans. A sun sail/shade was also installed - a great, cost effective addition to the garden which is a real sun trap.

After Photo 10

This garden belongs to young couple who have a new house in Bramley with superb views across the Aire valley. The builders left their house (and all the others on the street) with a big fence that prevented them falling down a large drop onto the remainder of their land. This was good on the one hand but unfortunately it meant they couldn't use 40% of their garden or have the magnificent view.

The plan was to build a small deck in the usable part of the garden and a large deck on the lower level that will become their baby boy's football pitch/play area. The plans required planning permission which was granted before the work started. I think it is fair to say that the garden has been transformed and that the cost of the work has definately been met by the extra value on the value of the property.

After Photo 12

In this case my clients had just had an extension built that has lovely large patio doors opening up onto a small back garden that was overlooked by surrounding properties.

The aim of the garden was to create a low maintenance, attractive space that also served to screen the window and sitting area to provide a bit more privacy.

This was achieved by using fixed, raised planters around a main decking area that leads directly out from the extension. As well as the raised beds, the plants chosen will grow to provide a screen and, in addition, there is a sun sail/shade which can be put across the deck blocking the view into the window.

As with most gardens, you may note that I have still found space for a "whirly-gig" washing line!

After Photo 1

In this garden my clients' main priority was to have a seating area outside their extended kitchen that they could step out onto at the same level. They wanted a contemporary look and to make use of the area round the corner from the patio doors which was being used as a bit of a dumping area.

To achieve this I designed a raised deck patio, rendered and painted the retaining wall and used deck boards to create seats on the wall. Some large planters were incorporated into the deck to provide some screening (one of which is just visible to the left of the photo). My customers completed the picture with some striking patio furniture and black planters.

At the far end of the garden is a large children's play area on two levels incorporating a Wendy house, covered sandpit and soft playground.

After Photo 2

This was a garden for a semi retired lady, living on her own, who loves her plants and ornaments. She wanted a garden with a little more order, more room for plants and one that was not too hard to look after. She also valued her privacy so we used the garden project as a good opportunity to replace her fence.

The garden design makes use of two raised beds that look a little "ying and yangish" although I had meteorites in mind when I designed them. The beds are made from stepped, vertical mini sleepers, screwed together and set in concrete. Being raised the beds are easy to garden and provide lots of perching places for ornaments. The remainder of the garden is covered by a weed suppressing fabric covered with a mix of cobbles and pebbles. My customer did the planting herself and by the end of the summer the beds were a spectacular riot of colour. The photograph was taken shortly after the work was completed in May.

After Photo 3

In this case, my clients wanted to tidy up the area behind their house which, after various building projects (extension, new driveway and garage), had become a somewhat redundant space made up of a variety of materials at differing levels. They also wanted a plan with new borders, space for a lawn and an area at the bottom of the garden to grow vegetables.

The plan I designed incorporates a deck which serves to provide a one level access to the garage door with enough space for a small table and chairs. Beneath the deck is a small wildlife pond with fountain. At the bottom of the garden is a greenhouse with raised vegetable beds that can be found at the end of a stone path which meanders down through a pergola/archway. The pathway narrows as it leads away from the house to give the impression of the garden being longer than it actually is. The vegetable garden and lawn are separated by high planting, again to give the impression that the garden is more extensive than it is in reality.

After Photo 4

This is a garden that I designed for a young couple with a toddler. The "after" photograph is taken from a step ladder in the lane behind the garden looking back over the fence. From this position the picture captures 90% of the garden emphasising that, in this case, there was not a lot of room to work with!

The main aim of the garden is to provide an area on a level with the kitchen/dining room so that it makes it easy for little legs to step out and have a space for play and for grown ups to sit.

In addition there is a stone path made for scootering round and a soft landing area in the middle for a swing or small slide. The corners are planted up to provide height and to have a softening effect on the look of the garden and the edge of the deck has pockets for aromatic herbs, close to the kitchen.

After Photo 5

This medium sized family garden was somewhat dominated by a deck that the previous owners had constructed across the garden, effectively cutting off the bottom 25% of the space.

My clients wished to open up the garden to create room for adults and little ones alike. To achieve this, and to cut down on costs, we dismantled the old deck and then recycled the deck boards to create a walkway round the bottom of the garden. The space between was turned into a new soft play area and a covered sandpit was built into the walkway. For the grown-ups, a new circular patio and lawn were laid and the flower beds revived with easy to maintain shrubs.


After Photo 6

In this case my customers, who were on the verge of retiring, decided they would like to have a vegetable garden so they could combine their love of gardening and cooking. The area in which they live has heavy clay soil and their back garden tended to be underwater for a good part of the year and not perhaps the best location for salad crops.

To overcome this and to create an attractive, easy to maintain vegetable garden, raised beds were a must. A number of alternatives were discussed and in the end large, new, softwood sleepers were chosen. I only use pressure treated wood for use in a garden and these substantial timbers should do the job required for many years to come and have none of the risks associated with using old, reclaimed sleepers. In addition to the beds, sleepers with a deck floor were used to raise the greenhouse up above the floods.

After Photo 7 After Photo 8