2013 Jan 27


Over the years we have built a few decks.  I thought these were a good selection to show how a deck can be used to really add something to a garden. A lot of people think of decks as a bit 1990’s and I can see what they mean but I think they still have […]

2013 Jan 22

What to do when it’s snowing

This is me, holding a bird box and bee “hotel”.  We have a lot of jobs on at the moment but nothing we can do with 6 inches of snow on the ground! We have just about finished building a wildlife garden at a house in Adel and these little houses for feathered and creepy […]

2013 Jan 22

Block paving driveways

With Matt the builder on board, we are more than happy to look at doing block stone driveways and I thought it would be a good idea to show some pictures of driveways he has done. The terracotta setts driveway is mine. It’s been down for a couple of years now and there is no […]