2015 Jul 22

New gardens for new build houses

I tend to do a lot of gardens in newly built homes.  Its not really surprising as when people move in, once the house has been furnished and decorated, thoughts turn to the outside. Quite often the gardens of new homes all look the same – a succession of bland rectangles of turf with paling […]

2015 Jul 19

Really make the most of your space!

On my website I say I like to build small to medium sized gardens. This is true but if I am asked which gardens give me a real buzz, it has to be “the smaller the better”. Utilising a small space to create something that is good to look at and relaxing to be in, […]

2015 Jul 15

Large Garden Design – Outdoor Living

These are pictures of a garden I designed in Wakefield last year.  It was built by a local landscaper and then I returned to plant it up. The brief for this garden was to create general interest and entertaining spaces in a garden which had been a simple, open lawn space with a patio that […]

2015 Jul 10

Contemporary Garden

These are pictures of a garden in Rawdon.  Here the main aim was to provide an outdoor play area for two young toddlers as well as a grown-ups dining area. I am not a huge fan of artificial grass in general but as a play surface, it takes some beating.  This is especially the case […]