2014 Feb 10

Bespoke Project

At New Leaf Gardens we can offer a full design and landscape service and bespoke garden projects like this one…Beautiful stone walling with a garden seat created in an old cottage garden.  We created a new Yorkshire Stone paved area, a cut above the block paved driveways and not a lot extra in material costs.  […]

2013 Sep 27

A few ideas and photos

I haven’t added to galleries and ideas for a while as we have been very busy over the Spring and Summer. One of the comments we have had from people we have done gardens for is that we should have more photos on our website. So, until the site has a bit of a re-vamp […]

2013 Feb 21

I do like a pond….

Ponds aren’t for everybody (they don’t go well with young children!) but I do like to get them in as many gardens as possible. I like them because they add more interest to a garden than anything else I can think of.  They are great for wildlife, look good most of the year and can […]

2013 Feb 14

How fast does your garden grow?

See previous blog from 22nd April 2012.  These pictures were taken May/June last year approximately 3 months after the garden was planted.  I think its quite amazing how the plants have grown.  All it takes is good soil/compost, lots of water and a bit of sun!

2013 Jan 27


Over the years we have built a few decks.  I thought these were a good selection to show how a deck can be used to really add something to a garden. A lot of people think of decks as a bit 1990’s and I can see what they mean but I think they still have […]

2013 Jan 22

What to do when it’s snowing

This is me, holding a bird box and bee “hotel”.  We have a lot of jobs on at the moment but nothing we can do with 6 inches of snow on the ground! We have just about finished building a wildlife garden at a house in Adel and these little houses for feathered and creepy […]

2013 Jan 22

Block paving driveways

With Matt the builder on board, we are more than happy to look at doing block stone driveways and I thought it would be a good idea to show some pictures of driveways he has done. The terracotta setts driveway is mine. It’s been down for a couple of years now and there is no […]

2012 Feb 08

Make the most of your space

The weather has been so mild this winter (up to now) that we have managed to keep going.  We have been working on the hard landscaping for three large gardens so that they are ready for planting up once the weather improves, probably after Easter. We also worked on a large decking project that has […]