These are pictures of a garden in Rawdon.  Here the main aim was to provide an outdoor play area for two young toddlers as well as a grown-ups dining area.

I am not a huge fan of artificial grass in general but as a play surface, it takes some beating.  This is especially the case when you compare it to normal turf which is only usable when it is dry and is a real high maintenance feature.  Artificial grass isn’t extortionate but costs more to put in than normal turf.  However, you save in the long run if you take into account the hours of grass cutting and the cost of watering, feeding and weeding that you have to do to keep  it looking half decent.

In this garden the dining area is made from sleek deck boards with chrome solar lighting and there is a spherical water feature and a handy seating area with clever garden storage for all the toys.

Decking with Solar Lighting



Seating & Storage



Contemporary Garden with Artificial Lawn

Article written by Tim Staves