These are pictures of a garden I designed in Wakefield last year.  It was built by a local landscaper and then I returned to plant it up.

The brief for this garden was to create general interest and entertaining spaces in a garden which had been a simple, open lawn space with a patio that had gone well past it’s best.  Whilst my clients were not gardeners, they wanted to maintain the garden in the future.  By building weed free, raised beds, the garden is easy to maintain by doing a little often i.e. a few minutes a week weeding rather than leaving things to run riot until out of hand.

The new garden has a dining space with adjacent outdoor “kitchen” area for the BBQ, and a large outdoor seating area under a pergola.  The structures and planting are designed to separate the two main areas  and provide interesting walkways and screening.  The overall effect is to make the space, which was a decent size in the first place, feel even larger as the corners and sides are obscured by the structures and planting.

The only requirement now is time for the plants to grow and some decent weather!




Outdoor "living room"


View from BBQ

View towards dining patio


Middle raised bed planted with Acer trees and Hostas


Outdoor “living room”

Article written by Tim Staves