These are photographs of some patios we have installed.  They are here primarily to help me show people examples of stone when I call round rather than have me carrying pieces! – they can get quite heavy.  This lot are all examples of Indian stone which is basically sandstone although, as you can see, it comes in different colours.  Probably the closest to Yorkshire stone is the desert sand but it has to age a bit to look authentic.  Why do we use Indian stone?  simple answer is price.  Yorkshire stone is £60-£70 a square yard.  Indian Stone is more like £25 a square metre!  As you can see, it also comes in different colours.

Indian Stone is often cheaper than man-made flags as well but, at the end of the day, its not all about cost – it has to look right.  We have done all sorts of patios but Indian Stone probably accounts for 90% of stone ones, hence the inclusion of these photos to save my back!

Article written by Tim Staves