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Initial Meeting

These photographs were taken at the time of my initial meeting with the client.

The garden was approximately 4.5 metres wide by 8 metres long, running along the back of the client's semi detached house. It was south facing although it backed directly onto a wood.

The client wanted to make more use of her garden to give her a space to sit and entertain friends. She also wanted privacy and a garden that was easy to look after.

Before Photo #1Before Photo #2Before Photo #3
Photos of the garden before work.

Survey and Design

The plan was designed to provide the client with areas to sit (one shaded with a table, one for sun bathing). The raised beds were used to make maintenance easy and, along with the pergola, the different heights provide interest in the garden. The bold planting and the central beds break the garden up, hiding the corners and opposite boundaries from any view point, giving the garden the feeling of being bigger than it actually is.

An example design planSketch of Garden Design
Example Garden Design Plan and Artist's Impression Sketch


This is the garden after it was first built and planted. The garden was finished in December.

After Photo #1After Photo #2After Photo #3
Photos of the garden after the work was completed.


Post-Build Photo #1Post-Build Photo #2Post-Build Photo #3
Photos of the garden 18 months after completion.

The vast majority of plants established without any problems. I did, however, have to replace a Honeysuckle that decided it would rather die than climb up the pergola. Apart from picking up leaves that fall from the adjacent wood, my client has little trouble maintaining the garden which she now spends a lot more time using.

This actual garden cost under £5,000. I was paid in stages with the final payment being made after completion.

I would confidently say that the garden has added considerably more to the value of the property.

In this case the client did not set me an initial budget to work to. However, I can work to a budget so that ultimately your garden will cost as much as you want.

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